(NEW) Guidelines for TB Infection Treatment

The Synthesis of Guidelines on TB Infection Treatment: A tool for Zero TB coalitions

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Global Strategy and the Comprehensive Approach Against TB

The Paradigm Shift: Global Plan to End TB, 2016-2020 | Executive Summary

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Getting to Zero: A Guide to the Search-Treat-Prevent Approach for TB

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Core Documents for New Coalitions

Zero TB Initiative Intention to Align Document

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Zero TB Initiative Framing Document

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A best-practice framework of program indicators for monitoring a comprehensive approach to the TB epidemic

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Zero TB Cities Progress Cards

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Building a ZTBI Coalition - Alignment Matrix

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Getting to Zero Accelerator Pack for Global Fund Applicants [2017 version, to be updated]

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Key Strategy and Program Documents

The Synthesis of Guidelines on TB Infection Treatment: A tool for Zero TB coalitions

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How to Care for People Exposed to Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: A Practical Guide

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An Activist's Guide to Fighting Tuberculosis

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List of Demands to Stop the TB Epidemic

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Guide to using germicidal GUV

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Backing Evidence and Experience

Lancet Series: How to eliminate tuberculosis

Post-Exposure Management of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Contacts: Evidence-based Recommendations

The Paradigm Shift: The Global Plan to End TB, 2016-2020

Out of Step Report

The Emerging Role of Municipalities in the Right Against Tuberculosis

Innovations and Positive Disruptions in the Supply Chain for 2nd Line Drugs

Innovating TB Care Delivery in High-Burden Settings

The PIH Guide to Medical Management of MDR-TB

Incidence of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Disease in Children 

Toward Comprehensive Global Health Care Delivery: Addressing the Double Threat of Tuberculosis and Diabetes


Additional Evidence from the Stop TB Partnership

Improving Tuberculosis Case Detection: A compendium of TB REACH case studies, lessons learned and a monitoring and evaluation framework

Key Populations Briefs

Data for Action for Tuberculosis: Key, Vulnerable and Underserved Populations 

Out of Step in EECA, 2017