What People Are Saying...

“The goal is to help communities move to zero deaths from tuberculosis in their own way, and create 'islands of elimination', which will hopefully reverse the overall tuberculosis epidemic.”

Pamela Das,
Senior Executive Editor at The Lancet

"We recognize that the vicious cycle of TB and poverty will continue if we don't change; patients treated need to be reintegrated into their populations; we must work with network of community health workers to ensure that patients are able to continue treatment and prevent the spread of infections; it is essential to integrate TB care and screening with other programs that are operating in the community."

Rafael Alvarez Espinoza,
Mayor of Carabayllo, Lima, Peru

"Cities must make use of comprehensive epidemic control measures to end TB. This is what places like New York used to stop its TB epidemic. We need to do systematic screening using mobile X-rays, rapid molecular testing for everyone, new drugs to treat drug-resistant TB, screening and referral of childhood TB for expert management, household and workplace contact tracing, treatment of TB infection, airborne infection control in large hospitals, screening of patients visiting hospitals and private clinics- everything we need to do to end TB."

Dr. Aamir Khan,
Executive Director of Interactive Research and Development

"In India, there is evidence that transmission of TB is much higher in cities, and cities are often the source of infection for rural communities. So, getting to zero in cities will eliminate important reservoirs of TB.”

Dr. Suvanand Sahu,
Deputy Executive Director of Stop TB Partnership

"We’re trying to create a model that brings a single city’s TB cases toward zero by actively searching for cases, using the best diagnostics, and treating all forms of the disease. We will see huge drops in mortality, as we have in projects all around the world, if we give TB treatment the resources and long-term attention it deserves."

Thomas Nicholson,
Executive Director of Advance Access & Delivery

“Ending the global tuberculosis epidemic requires the urgent deployment of a comprehensive package of effective, tried and tested interventions in low-income and middle-income settings. Failure to seize this opportunity now will constitute both a scientific and a moral failure.” 

Dr. Salmaan Keshavjee,
Associate Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Eliminating TB with the Zero TB Initiative